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Easily find local senior entertainment and activities for your facility's calendar quickly with searches by availability; full contact info; screening videos; links to providers' websites; ratings and reviews; photos; and post needs for themed programs! Search now to find a variety of senior entertainment and activity options in your area at rates geared toward your budget ~ as well as volunteers! Streamline calendar-planning NOW and reclaim your valuable time TODAY!



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Want to entertain seniors? Like teaching seniors yoga or crafts? Enjoy reading poetry to seniors? Now it's FREE to list yourself here as being available for opportunities to do what you enjoy at senior facilities near you ... or wherever (even outside the U.S.!). Get booked directly by those who plan seniors' activity calendars, who often pay, or do it as a volunteer. Standard listings include a photo, video, a link to your website, and more! Click the button above to be considered for gigs in the seniors market TODAY!





About Pricing: The list members of this site are sensitive to the typically leaner budgets of 90% of the senior residential market and intend their rates to apply strictly to those settings. All others planning private, corporate, school and community-wide events, and other such settings who could ordinarily accommodate the list member's market rate should expect to pay more. Thank you for understanding and respecting their wishes. 
Activity Professionals: List member video clips, weblinks, ratings and reviews on their programs (viewable through the 'Video and read more' link) and other material as submitted have been provided as helpful screening tools intended to complement, rather than replace, the conduct of your standard due diligence procedures, for which assumes no responsibility.

Compressed cathuggingpic NEW feature:            Say "AAAH!"             (Activities Acting As  Healers:)                       Rx For Broken Bones: Pet a Cat? 'Purr'-haps! Read more

Want to be booked as a program provider by a seniors' community to do an activity with or entertain seniors?Get a FREE listing describing your program with video, photo, weblink & more! Want to help out the site? Ways to contribute or help: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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"Seniorplaylist is working for me. I performed at ..."~ Paul Bailey, singer/guitarist read more

"I've got 3 gigs scheduled from Seniorplaylist in September!..."~Marilyn Wienand, singer/musician
"I absolutely love this website and have already used one of the entertainers and contacted others. I also referred a vendor, and he's already received an inquiry.This is every Activity Director's dream! Thank You!" ~Donna F., Recreation Director
"Any Activity Director who is NOT using is missing the boat!"
~ E. Hayes, Activity Director

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